Skype 6 crashing on your Mac?

Posted in Miscellaneous on April 4th, 2013 by Richard Walker – Be the first to comment

If Skype 6 won’t run on your Mac and you happen to have ecamm Call Recorder installed…

1) Download latest version of Call Recorder.
2) Unzip and run the installer.
3) Choose the “uninstall” option.

Skype should run. If not, wipe and re-install. If it STILL doesn’t work, your troubles are elsewhere :-) It’s possible the latest version of Call Recorder may play nice with Skype 6 but I don’t use it anymore and haven’t bothered reinstalling it. If you have successfully upgraded Call Recorder and still have a working Skype, drop a comment.


Posted in Miscellaneous on February 14th, 2013 by Richard Walker – Be the first to comment

I’ve been involved in an irritating yet somehow addictive and inescapable skirmish on Twitter, 140 characters at a time, between Bernard Gaynor and a bunch of other fellow Tweeters who are, quite frankly, fed up with his narrow-minded and bigoted bullshit. I figured it’s time to nail my colours to the mast on this issue rather than perpetuate a constant back-and-forth spat where the belligerents get to express their opinions in dribs and drabs limited by Twitter’s message architecture.

So I’ll make my points here.

  1. If you’re a public political figure in Australia and you make a drastic and polarising statement, you’re gonna get called out.
  2. Opinions are fine. Nothing wrong with opinions. But when your opinions reinforce a standpoint that denies others their rights, it becomes wrong. Hitler had an “opinion” about the Jews. We don’t sit back and say “well everyone is welcome to their opinion” about THAT significant historical chestnut. The Taliban have an “opinion” about women. We don’t tolerate that, we recognise it for what it is and seek to eradicate such barbaric inequity.
  3. Sexuality has nothing to do with morality, or one’s ability to teach. Let’s get that straight right now. If you can’t reconcile this *fact* with your beliefs, then it’s time to take a long, hard look at your beliefs.
  4. You CAN NOT use the Bible as an excuse to deny people their rights, or their dignity if you choose to pay lip service to their rights but still label them as “immoral”. There are passages in the Bible that would pull many of your “rights”, which you enjoy in everyday life, right out from under your feet.
  5. Labeling someone as immoral (or “sodomites”, the final little jab which prompted this manifesto) because their way of life doesn’t gel with the doctrine you’ve chosen to cherry-pick from your religion doesn’t make you a righteous crusader for morality. It just makes you an asshole. And a hypocrite. You don’t adhere to *every* rule and law the Bible lays down, because most of them are inconvenient in this day and age. It’s just fine when they apply to *other people*, right?

Frankly, I’m disgusted that such views persevere in this day and age. I would have thought we were an enlightened, liberal society, tolerant of each other’s differences and dismissive of harmful, ancient dogma. It would seem that I am wrong in this assumption. It is my goal as a parent to see such prejudice stamped out between this generation and the next. The most comforting thing I HAVE seen, in this raging debate about equality, especially when it comes to G/B/L/T marriage and other rights, is that devout Christians are also standing up saying that this prejudice is unacceptable. +1 for my faith in humanity.